2.0.14717 Dashboard being released WorldWide

So apparantely microsoft has started rolling out a new dashboard, version 2.0.14717. As always, this dashboard is being made available slowly to different regions around the world so it might take a couple of days for it to be available throughout the globe.

It is advised by c4eva and his team to not update your console yet and wait for them to analyze this update. When a proper analysis has been completed they’ll let us know whether this update is safe or not. So dont be hasty and wait a couple of days.

Source: c4evaspeaks

Update 1:

Some interesting information for people with a RGH or who plan to RGH their consoles.

So i was browsing through the ixtreme.net forum and i noticed this topic in which a user talks about the impact of this update on RGHed consoles and possible glitch hacking on consoles updated to this dashboard. According to his pre & post update dumps, this new dashboard is changing the contents of the NAND/Bootloader. So what will these changes do? I dont know and as far as i can tell the user in question hasn’t been able to determine that either. We’ll just have to wait for c4eva and his team to confirm whether this rumor is true or not.

Please note that the above is still a rumor. Only one person has reported this so these results can be attributed to a user error. Lets just wait and see what happens.

Update 2:

So things are getting a little serious now. Xecuter has posted an announcement saying that this update does in fact update a console’s CB. Which then means that if you update your PHAT xbox 360 to 14717 dashboard you will not be able to RGH it ( at least in the PAHT RGH’s current form). Please note that slim consoles are not affected by this change as they already have a 2 stage CB.

Also i’ve been reading rumors that microsft has blocked the xbox drive’s ability to play truncated games on this new dash. I still haven’t seen any credible source for this so this is still a rumor.

Now more than ever you are strongly advised to NOT UPDATE YOUR CONSOLE. Wait for instructions from c4eva and team xecuter.

You can get more info about this CB update here

Update 4:

So the rumor about this new update blocking truncated burns has turned out to be false. Thanks a lot to a couple of users here for confirming.

Update 5:

Confirmed by c4eva, new dashboard is safe for flashed consoles. Just a heads up though, if you have a phat console and plan to RGH it in the future, i would recommend holding off on this update until a fix is released.

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