Hitachi LT+ 2.0b out for Hitachi 79 + LT+ 2.0 for other hitachi drives

Hitachi users can finally rejoice. LT+ 2.0 for all hitachi consoles is out now. A new version of Jungle Flasher has also been released

Hitachi LT+ 2.0 / 2.0b

JungleFlasher v0.1.92 Beta (304)

Extra Notes:

  • Many people have reported that truncated burns are not working with LT+ 2.0. Which means that you have to use a Liteon IHAS burner to burn your backups.
  • Apart from Hitachi 78/79, every other hitachi drive is unaffected by any ap2.5 and dae.bin updates. Which means that they dont need LT+ 3.0. After burning your XGD3 backups with a Liteon IHAS drive you can even play your games online.
  • Hitachi 78/79 Owners: You guys might have to upgrade to LT+ 3.0 later as i still cant confirm if this new dae.bin file affects your console.

Apart from that, like i always say. Thanks to C4eva, Team Jungle, Team Xecuter and all the testers who helped in releasing this. The xbox scene is alive because of these guys.


Update 2.1: Here is a possible solution for people who cant get their games to work using a Liteon IHAS burner + memorex dvds. All the credit goes to jdej66339oa for posting this ( you can find his original reply below).

Open Imgburn got to settings go to the I/O tab and change the STPI-MICROSOFT TO ElbyCDIO – Elaborate Bytes.

Also OPC was unselected and veryfy was unchecked also since i’m using Memorex DVDR – DL u must do the following

download “media code speed edit”
-open it up then click load at the top and find the firmware for what drive you have (the iXtreme Burner Max firmware you used to flash your drive)
-find “Disc ID”(mine was RITEK-S04-66. using memorex dvddl) the write speeds should be “4x,6x,8x” double click it and then find the “Disk id closest to yours”mine was RITEK-D01 forgot it was the only ritek one that said 2.4 with the write speed only set at “2.4x” and replace it save it to your desktop and then reflash your drive and it should work


Update 1: It seems that all is not good news for Hitachi 79 users. According to a new entry in the firmware table @ C4evaspeaks, LT+ 2.01 is going to be released for Hitachi 79 consoles to fix a possible bug.

Hitachi LT+ 2.0b out for Hitachi 79 + LT+ 2.0 for other hitachi drives news and announcements

Although no release date has been announced, LT+ 2.01 is expected to be released in 5-6 days ( this weekend). Stay tuned for more news.



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