Zumba Fitness Rush [PAL-NTSC U-Kinect]

Zumba Fitness Rush [PAL NTSC U Kinect] xgd 2 game pal ntsc u kinect 2

Following the worldwide best-selling original, Zumba Fitness Rush builds on that phenomenal success while elevating the exercising game category to a new level of fun, effective fitness. This cutting-edge experience layers in a wealth of exclusive content only available on Kinect, plus lots of new features and improvements that amp up the dance fitness play so you can party yourself into shape! Players can get a total body workout with 42 electrifying new routines, and feel the rush with three different game modes you can play solo or with a friend.


Game Info

SS VERSION: Version 2

WAVE: 13th Wave (XGD2)



LANGUAGES: English, German, Spanish, Italian & Spanish

RELEASE DATE(S): 13th Feb 2012

FAQ/Important Notes. Click to Read

Q: On which firmware can i run this?
Ans: This is a XGD2 game so any firmware above LT+ 1.90 will play this game just fine.

Q: Can i play this game on LT+ 2.0 / 1.91?
Ans: Yes you can play every non ap2.5 XGD2 game on LT+ 2.0 & LT+ 1.91 ( like this one).

Q: Should i run this game through abgx?

Ans: Yes. You should run every XGD2 game through abgx360 so that you can check whether the iso is corrupted or not. Make sure you use the latest version of abgx360.

Q: Why does abgx360 1.0.6 say that verification of this game failed?

Ans: Dont worry about that. You are getting that message because this game hasn’t been added to abgx’s database yet. As soon as it is added your entire log will be green.
Please note that if a game’s SS & DMI files are valid and if there is no CrC corruption then that ISO is safe to play offline or online.

Q: Where are the links?
Ans: As links are deleted very quickly nowadays, i have pasted them in a pastebin. To access the download link just click on the url below the filehost icon. A new window will open and you will get your links

So apparently there was some CrC corruption in PROTON’s release (this one). You can solve this by patching the ISO file with a 1.8kb file using ppf o matic.

Patch file (thanks to snow36009 )




Just open ppf o matic, browse and open both the .iso file and the .ppf file ( which you downloaded above) and click on the ‘apply’ button. It’ll take a second and the ISO will be patched. Then run it through abgx360 to verify whether the ISO has been patched or not. If everything is green then the ISO has been successfully patched. You can view the patched abgx log by clicking on the abgx verification button above.

Zumba Fitness Rush [PAL NTSC U Kinect] xgd 2 game pal ntsc u kinect 2

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Zumba Fitness Rush [PAL NTSC U Kinect] xgd 2 game pal ntsc u kinect 2
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